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 Get Wealthy and Healthy

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In this relentless pandemic, everybody needs a way to get healthier and wealthier, with a no contact, remote project.

Make your life easier, the easy way.

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A percentage of all funds to the project wallet, will support medical research teams to find ways to fight viruses, cancers, and disease.

Easily earn crypto, and transfer it to dollars, while you build your wealth and health. 

Turn your crypto into USD,JPY,GBP,CAD, or other fiat money. 

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Health Research results:

Listerine breath mist can kill viruses in 30 seconds, Covid-SAR 19 included. Research suggests misting mouth at least twice a day. Plus your bad breath is gone. Other breath mist brands, that kill 99% of bacteria and germs, would probably work also.

Reduce pain

Eat for anti-inflammatory parsley, broccoli, spinach, carrots, apples, ginger, boswellia, cayenne, devil’s claw, horsetail, licorice root, turmeric, white willow and yucca are effective in relieving pain.

Read vaccine failures and successes

Learn to protect yourself from phone hackers

The Next Web: Here’s how hackers are cracking two-factor authentication security.

Keep your kids safe

Parents should stay involved in their children's digital world, know the apps they use, use parental controls where possible, and block and report people who make them feel uncomfortable.

Conserve Water !!!!!!!!

In Florida and other areas with high Covid 19 hospitalizations, water treatment plants need liquid oxygen, so do hospitals, there is a shortage, please conserve water use.

>We are researching a protocol that uses natural ingredients to help fight Covid 19 and other viruses. The protocol will defend from viruses, bacteria, cancers, and others, by supporting immunity health, fighting inflammation, improving circulation, and overall health. Fantasy Investing Game

We want to help as many people as possible.

We might have a stake in ending this pandemic. We are trying.

How to do marketing

Tell your friends and family, wear a t-shirt with the website on it, put a sign on your car, use social media, use business cards, postcards, buy advertising online.

Our research is obtained by studying medical research, some is peer reviewed, but not all. Our work is not disapproved or approved, by FDA, Gov Health Organizations, or World Health Organizations. It is not advice. Research is information that can be used to help build health.

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